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Blonde Ma​gnolia Hair Company

We will now be offering Botox and Fillers at Blonde Magnolia Hair Company. We are happy to announce that these services will be provided by Dr. David Mabry from Charlotte, NC. He will be visiting our salon once a month to provide medical cosmetic procedures for our current and new clients. To schedule please call 706-768-6087. We will be offering discounted units of botulinum toxin if you book ahead. We are now accepting appointments for dermal fillers. Please learn more about Dr. David Mabry at 

2022 Dates Available:

January 21st/22nd

February 18th/19th

March 18th/19th

April 15th/16th

May 13th/14th

June 17th/18th

July 15th/16th

August 12th/13tSeptember 9th/10th

October 7th/8th

November 4th/5th

December 2nd/3rd

Botox Information:

$12 Per Unit

Forehead Lines: 10-30 Units

Eyebrow Lift: 2-5 Units

Frown Lines: 10-25 Units

Crows Feet: 5-15 Units

Square Jaw: 40-60 Units

Smile Lift: 3-6 Units

Dimple Chin: 2-6 Units

Neck: 25-50 Units

Lip Flip: 6-10 Units

Free Consults Available!