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 Kevin Murphy

is AMMONIA FREE, PPD FREE, and CRUELTY FREE. This line gives us the ability to provide beautiful, natural looking color for our clients while maintaining healthy, shiny hair

Kevin Murphy

Shampoo's + Products are Paraben Free, Cruelty Free and Sulfate Free.

Kevin Murphy not only cares about our hair but the environment as well, they have converted their packaging to 100% ocean waste plastic.

EL3VEN Australia

A lifestyle brand for the young and young at heart, EL3VEN Australia is the fresh approach to hair care. 

Cezanne Keratin Treatment

What makes Cezanne Professionals different? Unlike formaldehyde-based keratin systems that simply coat the hair, Cezanne uses a revolutionary low PH system with similar acidity to lemon juice to open up the cuticle and infuse the cortex with keratin, botanical extracts and vitamins.